• Music doesn’t play in some browsers/OSes. What’s wrong?

Ensure that you have at least two <source> tags in <audio> element (for MP3 and OGG). Some operating systems doesn’t provide specific types of codecs (especially MP3) so you should prepare two types of audio files. Use file converters if needed. There are a lot of free audio files converters. Search Google for “mp3 to ogg converter” or “ogg to mp3 converter”.

  • Player doesn’t automatically start on mobile devices. Is it a bug?

No, it’s not a bug. Automatic start feature works on desktop browsers. Mobile versions of browsers doesn’t support autoplay feature in HTML5 audio players because of security reasons. This feature may cause high data transfer bills (transferring audio files) especially when you are using roaming.

  • Where can I find documentation for old version (1.x) of Audioplay?

Old Audioplay is still available and it’s documentation can be found here: http://www.strangecube.com/audioplay/oldhome.html

  • How to install Audioplay2 on my WordPress site?

Generally copy and paste Audioplay’s HTML code into your page or post in text mode. Unfortunately WordPress sometimes breaks HTML code inserted into page/post editor, even in ‘text mode’. Use ‘Raw HTML’ plugin to your WordPress to solve this problem.

  • I have a suggestion or I found a bug. How can I contact with developer?

Send an email with detailed problem/suggestion description to: audioplay2 @ strangecube.com